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Romantic Atmosphere

Rotonda promises the best possible romantic experience for your loved ones, at the best spot of the island.

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Relaxing Mood

Feel free to visit us and relax by gazing the amazing view while enjoying your cocktail or drink.

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Panoramic Balcony

Our panoramic balcony makes feel like you are flying above Naxos. The perfect spot for unforgettable photographs.

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Garden of Herbs

A garden of herbs and local flowers is hard to miss at the entrance of our restaurant. That’s our main resource of local herbs in our recipes!

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Indoor Lounge

Bad weather or windy? No worries, as you can experience wild nature with a hot coffee.

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A restaurant full of style

We take every small detail seriously, so we can guarantee the best possible experience.

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Feel like home

Our garden of herbs, the panoramic sea and mountain view, the professional service and our love for what we do exudes the perfect feeling.

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Amazing View & Delicious Food

Enjoy your meal next to a mountainfront oasis.

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For early coffee or late drinks

Visit us for your coffee or breakfast in the morning or enjoy your drinks at night!