Rotonda Menu A gastronomic journey with the best quality ingredients

Steaks menu

From the Grill

Grilled small steaks
with jack daniels sause
Chicken fillet
with soft cheese cream
Grilled burger
with our lcoalexceptional meat
Grilled burger
or grilled burger stuffed with tomato and feta
Stuffed sausage
with cheese, bacon,barbecue sause and potato salad
Filet Pendants tenderloin
with smoked prosciutto
Roasted beef fillet
in wine sauce
in lime sauce


Traditional Mousaka with potato,zucchini,eggplant
with minced meat in red sause,cheese & bechamel
in tomato sause with rice
Giouvetsaki beef
in tomato sause and orzo
Kalogeros staffed
eggplant with beef and potatoes & tomato sause
Rosto pork
in tomato sause and pasta linguine
Starters menu

StartersGood food means Good mood

Traditional bread or pitta
can also be served warm
Garlic bread
with tomato, basil & pepper
Hand chopped french fries
Fresh & delicious
Traditional tzatziki
yogurt garlic sause with cucumber
Spicy cream cheese
dip with yogurt sauce & green pepper
Fried Sundried tomatoes
in butter, served with sweet/sour sauce
Roasted eggplant
topped with garlic sause & graviera cheese
Baked potato
topped with Naxos cheese, mushrooms & cream
Grilled vegetables
with balsamico sause
Fried feta
with honey and black sesame seeds
in tomato sause, cooked with feta cheese
Mussels saganaki
with soft cheese
Main Courses menu

Main CoursesLife is a combination of Magic & Pasta


*Choice of pasta (spaggeti, linguine, penne)

Gardeners’ spaghetti
with fresh vegetables and tomato sauce
Î’utchers’ spaghetti
with fresh herbs and minced meat sauce
Meraklis’ spaghetti
with chicken,baycon,mushrooms,corn,mustard & cream
with asparagus, mushrooms, gruyere & cream
Fishermans’ spaghetti
with tuna, olives, capers & tomato sause
with shrimps, mussels,fresh vegetables & tomato sauce


*All rissoto include cheese

with fresh vegetables and cream
With chicken,mushrooms,parmesan
with shrimps and saffron
Drinks menu

Fried in PanEating is a Necessity but Cooking is an Art

Tender Pieces of Pork
in wine sauce with sundried tomato, green pepper, Greek feta & fried potatoes
Chicken Fillet
with cream,colorful peppers & black sesame with fried potatoes
Pan fried sausage
with peppers,onions in tomato sause with fried potatoes
Drinks menu

VarietiesVariety is the spice of Life

Mixed grilled meats for 2
with sausage, porg, burger, chicken, potatoes, salad & 3 different kind of sauce
Mixed grilled meats for 4
Platter with sausage, pork, burger, chicken, fried potatoes,salad and 3 different kind of sauces
Cheese platter variety
with soft cheese, feta, gruyere, cream cheese, hard local cheese, spicy cheese & croutons
Salads menu

SaladsEating well is a form of self-respect

with cucumber, tomato, pepper, onion, olives, oregano, traditional localcream cheese, olive oil, vinegar
with rusk, tomato, green pepper, capers, traditional cream cheese of Naxos, olive oil, balsamico
with lettuce, cabbage, rocket, croutons, chicken, gruyere of Naxos, honey sauce
Tuna salad
with lettuce, celery, onion, tuna, mayonnaise sause & pita bread
Refreshing salad
with pasta, rocket, carrot, pomodori tomato, olives, feta cheese & citrus sauce
Summer cabbage salad
with walnuts, apple & yogurt sauce. A must salad for your summer holidays!
with spinach, rocket, black raisin, walnuts, hard local cheeseand vinaigrette sauce
Drinks menu

DessertsThere is always room for dessert

Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Caramel
pear vodka, elderflower, champagne
vodka, Frangelico, Kahlua, espresso
Chocolate Pie
gin, vodka, lychee liqueur, lime
Orange Pie
vodka, Zubrowka, Krupnik, apple juice
Panna cotta orange / caramel
vodka, Zubrowka, Krupnik, apple juice
Drinks menu

DrinksEvery empty bottle is filled with stories

Drinks for Everyone

Greek Coffee, Frappe, Frappe with ice cream
Espresso double, macchiato, freddo, latte
Fresh Juice
Orange, Lemon, mixed
Hot & Cold Chocolate, Tea, Biscolato
Coca Cola, Orangeade, Lemonade, Soda, Sprite

Drinks & Cocktails

Classic Cocktails
Daquiri, Mohito, Bloody Mary, Zombie
White, Red, Roze, Sagria
Specials, Ouzo, Raki, Homemade Limoncello
Fix, Pilsner, Corona, Mythos
Sparkling water, water 0,5lt / 1,0lt